Working with us
Rigby Private Equity accelerates the development and performance of its assets, delivering growth to the business and a powerful return to shareholders.

Rigby Group operates businesses with forward looking investment strategies focused on midterm growth. We are not afraid of investment and actively look to drive businesses to new levels. Using group companies to drive growth in RTI and Nuvias, we often deliver above expectation growth projections.

International Expansion

With substantial experience in developing EMEA based technologies businesses we look to drive addition growth though geographical diversification.

Future Profit

In typical transactions we leave management in the business with equity and an ability to have a 2nd liquidity event once growth has been achieved, typically 2-3 years post transaction. This approach boosts the long term cash generation and ensures longevity of management relationships.


With over 15 acquisition’s completed in 2013 – 2015 and a dedicated M&A team, together with significant financial firepower, Rigby Private Equity is ideally placed to deliver compelling offers and experienced to complete transactions in an efficient manner.


Rigby Group’s IT investments are the largest collection of private technology companies in Europe. We have 40 years of track record in the technology arena and the reputation and backing to deliver outstanding results.